Title: Soliders Domain
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/domain.zip
Size: 137 KB
Date: 10/24/94
Author: Kevin Roels
E-mail: milcom@netcom.com
Description: This level is designed for deathmatch. It can be played in single player mode, but it's a bit easy... the exit might be a little hard to find though. I have tested this wad in 1 Player mode, 2 player deathmacth and a 4 man game... although it's average or a little small... it's really fun with 4 people, teams or not.
Credits: Raphael Quinet, Brendon J. Wyber and Colin Reed, for making DEU5* and BSP, Ralph Evans, Dane, and Ramon "RV" Nieves, all for playing a 4 man game with me... also, thanks, to RV for the idea of the secret area tnear the sewer... Great idea... Thanks!
Base: All new level...
Build time: About 8 hours over 4 days
Editor(s) used: DEU2 5.21
Bugs: None that I know of, but let me know if you find any.
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