Title: H2H Czech Series 1 (H2HCZEK1.WAD)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/g-i/h2hczek1.zip
Size: 49 KB
Date: 04/01/95
Author: Pavel Hodek, Czech Doomer
E-mail: xhodp03@st.vse.cz
Description: This is the first pwad that I made for deathmatch tournaments held by H2H in San Diego (619-426-0073). As you can see, it is not a deathmatch specific wad because the original idea was to design something similair to Id's shareware episode.
Credits: ID team, authors of all editors I ever used, Mark Gundy who motivated me to finish some more wads. Honza Sinkmajer for playtesting and instant dying :)
Base: from scratch
Build time: a little over 20 hours
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21gcc, DEU2, DEUTEX 3.1, BSP node builder,
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An ancient map by the author of Galaxia. The architecture is good for early '95, and the gameplay flows well. Despite the directory it's in, it also works as a decent, slightly challenging single-player map on UV.x
Great map for it's age, this would never work for a deathmatch - this is pure SP / Co-op action right here.x

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