Title: Holiday Inn (DOOM II Deathmatch PWAD)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/g-i/holidayn.zip
Size: 308 KB
Date: 07/31/96
Author: Kevin (MEGA_LUMP) Chulski
E-mail: kdc@monroe.lib.mi.us
Description: Well, what do you expect?! I went to pains-taking process on my FIRST wad to create a close copy of a hotel. It has A foutain, a pool, several rooms, an elevator, a restaurant, a check-in counter, and a parking lot. Enjoy!
Credits: ID software, the people who want to turn your brains to mush... slowly Swit, Who gave me some Advice :( & Playtesting Gerbil, Playtesting & Assistance (This spot could be yours)
Base: None, made from scratch
Build time: A Millenia - February 1996 to July 25, 1996 (Darn! this thing is complex!!)
Editor(s) used: WinDeu 5.23, WinTex 4.0, Midi2Mus
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Personally, it could be better yet the sounds are real immature especially when quitting Doom.x

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