Title: The Marina
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/marina.zip
Size: 299 KB
Date: 07/03/95
Author: Brian Hess
E-mail: bhess@widomaker.com
Description: I had two ideas in mind when I made this... First, I wanted to build a level around a concept. After playing Avatar's DM wads, I decided this was essential to it's success. Second of all, I wanted to try and make a level where you can walk onto water end end up underwater. And so it is. The underwater areas look really cool, and if you step off any surface into water, you'll end up there. Like wise, walk towards the shore and you'll end up on dry land.
Credits: Mackey McCandlish (avatar@widomaker.com) All-around playtester, idea bouncer-offer and a constant and necessary reminder that no matter how many games a totally smear on the local game server, I'm still not that good. Guyver and The Enforcer from the ME BBS my playtesters, as everyone else was too damn lazy to download it.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DETH 2.3! Pick this up from me on IRC! NIIICE!
Bugs: MAYBE a HOM from the abundance from 2 sided linedefs behind planter in cul-de-sac
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the underwatter idea was good but now adays with ports like zdoom the idea has become obsoleet 3/5x
A very nice little level. The room-above-room underwater effect is nice and inventive for the time. (fraggle) x
Wierdest death sound ever.x
It was a great idea at the time. Altough it can now be easily done with source ports.x
One of the first wads I ever played, and a surprising one at that. Back then I was aware of the lack of room-over-room, but this wad demonstrates that there are always ways around the limitations of Doom. It's a neat little map, worth checking out. -EarthQuake ****x
Cool '95 level. Reminds me of the underwater effect from Duke Nukem, except without the swimming of course. 4/5x
Brian Hess' DM maps are all quite creative. The gimmick this time around is deep water, and for 95' it is executed pretty well.x

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