Title: Hangar w/ Runway 36
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/hangar2.zip
Size: 33 KB
Date: 07/27/95
Author: Jason Garoutte (aka J*Dog)
Description: My "HANGAR" has two hangars and is considerably harder than E1M1. (Original DOOM.) This whole level has no story, it is pure creativity. Any idea that popped into my head went into that PWAD, whether or not it related to the airport scene. It took a very long time to finish this PWAD, and I expect some major revisions. Thank God for DEU II.
Credits: RaphaČl Quinet and Brendon J. Wyber for DEU 5.21. ALDER for DEU II Brian Sparanga (aka Phunk Monkey) for beta testing. Who ever gave me my DEU v5.2, THANK YOU!!! Yours Truly, for being so darn cruel. And, of course, those guys at id.
Base: New kick-butt level from scratch.
Build time: I lost count after testing it 20 times.
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: HOM on the "6". Richochets don't appear on outside walls and ramp.
Rating: (3 votes)
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Horrible. Two giant rooms with some shotguys in them and teleports that put you in an inescapable room of instant death aren't fun. --Zell_1388x
I liked itx
I guess the teleporter trap is more creative than crusher-spam, but it's still no fun. The rest of the map is boring, except for the runway (but it's empty).x

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