Title: Hell Cave
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/helcave.zip
Size: 23 KB
Date: 01/29/07
Author: Andrew "Dman" Orman
E-mail: dman@tryst.com.au
Description: This is where it all started. Before the events chronicled in DOOM, a mining project on Earth was abandoned after a series of "accidents". Miners uncovered what appeared to be an ancient ruin, and archaeologists were called in. When two archaeological teams went missing, and strange reports were received by the UAC military, their top troubleshooter was sent along to evaluate the situation...this means you!
Credits: ID Software for a game that will live forever! :)
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: I lost track of how long this thing took to build. I started making comprehensive sketches before I began building the level. All up I'd say about a week of constant work whenever I could spare the time.
Editor(s) used: Doom Edit - The Real Thing For Windows v4.2
Bugs: None known :)
Rating: (9 votes)
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Actually, I downloaded this wad and opened the zip file, reading the .txt and I realised this was a map made by Ruba. It replaces Map28. You play it and its all rockred theme, and contains various monsters, and SS Nazis too!. Uh, my goodness the typical Ruba layout, with coped and pasted items. Its not bad, but its not good either. 1 Star -PCx
WTF! His/Her infection is spreading... ARRRGHHH! This is another low quality wad by Ruba with the wrong text file on this page... Actually this is an improvement on some of his other attempts, but I'm still not impressed. 0.4/5 rounded to 0/5-jbx
Looks good, plays like shit!x
Ruba, don't you think it is time now to show us that you have potential in mapping? 1/5x
Hey, I checked it out and it was shit. 1/5 -Wesx
It's a mistake, this level has been overwritten by this level: http://www.doomworld .com/idgames/index.p hp?id=15247 which is from Ruba. coldfusiox

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