Title: killzon2.zip
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/killzon2.zip
Size: 1668 KB
Date: 08/13/99
E-mail: IconDon@aol.com
Description: The second episode in the KILL!Zone saga. It consists of seven large PWAD's. The maps are well constructed, with attention to; texture alignment, free from errors, game content, and playablity. Designed for serious Doomer's and those who appreciate a challenge, while having fun too.
Base: Scratch
Build time: 700+ hrs. (Including testing & modifications)
Editor(s) used: DCK22: Doom Construction Kit v2.2 / Ben Morris & Zerius Development DEEP: Doom Enhanced Editing Program v8.84 / Jack Vermeulen & Sensor Based Systems Inc. Wintex43: Windows texture editor v4.3 / Olivier Montanuy RMB30: Reject Map Builder v3.0 / Jens Hykkeldjerg EnDoomer: End DOOM editor v1.0.1 / Zink The Dink BSP22X: Node Builder v2.2 (dos extended) / Collin Reed, Lee Killough PSP: Paint Shop Pro v4.0 / Jasc Software
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Great fun, wish there was a killzone 3.x
This is a good level, although it's badly flawed. The map looks nice and there's a lot of action, and also a lot of health and ammo. It's not challenging but it is entertaining. Against it, there's an awful lot of switch and teleport hunting, especially at the beginning; you have to go back and forth between the start are and the outdoors bit several times, searching around to see what effect the last switch had on the environment. Apart from that it's very playable.x
Please note (in case anyone got the wrong impression from the above review): this is a *seven*-map wad, comprised of rather challenging and well-constructed maps, posing an interesting and varied experience (highly recommended).x
not badx
Why do you make me running around and looking for your switches!?! I do not care for your hunt and seek! I wish to shoot devil men!x
cool maps if you can get through map01x

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