Title: Mir
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/mir.zip
Size: 422 KB
Date: 09/18/97
Author: Roger Ritenour
E-mail: ritenour@mail.comet.net
Description: Single level with lots of new graphics. This is a sequel to the Pleiades level where you captured the starship pleiades. (you may wish to download Pleiades, which can be found at the same sites as this level under the names Pleiade2.zip and Pleiade3.zip; Pleiade2.zip is for Doom2 versions before 1.9 while Pleiade3.zip is for Doom2 versions 1.9 and later.) Mir will run under all versions of Doom2. Note: Pleiades and Mir are not compatible for combination into a single multilevel PWAD nor for play under the same loading of Doom2. They have different sky and wall textures assigned to the same names. Play action features random monster placement which gives the action a different twist each time it is played. Finally, this level is a standard patch wad that does not alter the main Doom wad and is playable with the standard -file parameter.
Credits: Doug Ryerson, I borrowed a few of his textures from his ANTARES.WAD. Dave Swift, I borrowed his idea of shiny gold surfaces for a door textures from his H2HMUD01.WAD level. Michael Coyne/ Steve McCrea, et al (Trinity), source of Toccata, the organ music selection. ID Software, I redefined their COMPSTA1 and COMPTALL textures as animated textures to produce "living" instrument panels.
Base: New level using portions of the Pleiades
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Wintex/Deutex WinDEU32 BSP Node Builder RMB, Jens Hykkelbjerg Corel Photopaint 6 CorelDraw 6
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This was great. I loved the graphics and how the level was set up. There were plenty of secrets, too. Very cool. --Zell_1388x
Great map!x
This is the 2nd wad in the "Pleiades" series. It's a semi-maze level with good atmosphere and random enemy placement. It's better than Pleiades, but the key card puzzle was confusing at first. This seems to be the beginning of Roger's "narrow pitch-black hallway" fetish that culminated in earth.wad. Still, the spacewalking part is a classic Doom moment. 3.5/5x
cool mapx
Nice, a wad about a Russian space station. Gameplay is rather secondary here: the level is mainly about admiring the cool views and impressive texture work. Monster placement is almost entirely randomized similarly to e.g. Phobos Map01. I didn't like the part where you're supposed to press on the same picture several times: very counterintuitive. Overall kind of cool, just not really fun to play. The soulsphere is purely decorative I guess.x
Getsu Fune
pretty cool map.x

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