Title: Monster4.wad
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/monster4.zip
Size: 360 KB
Date: 04/19/97
Author: Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [aka reddawg]
E-mail: reddawg@seanet.com
Base: Campers.wad, NoBFGs.wad, Woofman.wad & Bad_Dawg.wad
Build time: an extra lotta time to reBuild
Editor(s) used: Wintex by Oliver Montanuy DCK by Ben Morris and Colin Reed
Bugs: None, except the normal ones that Doom2 always has, like when a Arch-vile re-animates a dead enemy who was partially under a door, and then that enemy can walk thru walls chasing ya all over the damn map... Only way to kill him then is to explode a rocket near him a few times and get him with the blast, since shooting him straight on only goes thru him.....geeze.
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pretty fun '97 mapx
I liked it. But I ran out of ammo near the end.x

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