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Date: 12/04/96
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retardid, you start in a bunch of barals and ya just get blown up, x
OK first there's a frustrating barrel puzzle, where you have to move a barrel by punching it just enough so you can open a door behind it. If you succeed you'll find an alcova with a Cyberdemon which wiggles its tan ass in your face, and you'll have to pass the next 5 minutes fisting its tan ass to get into the alcova. Then you can safely set off the barrels and escape to see the rest of the level: UTTER SHIT IT'S FUCKING HORRIBLE 0/5 -MAESx
The textfile alone is very, very disturbing and gave me nightmares.x
Well this is a rough gem. About the 3 reviews above: The textfile says "There is a possibility of killing a cyberdemon bare handed". So there are OTHER OPTIONS! Look around in the starting room, hm there's a gap between the barrels...(still tricky for me,40% success rate). There are bugs too. Example:When you hear the 2nd cyberdemon look at your map, normally you should be teleported from there. Lot's of switches,fights in cramped areas (challenge could be better) . Not the usual design. 4/5 coldfusiox
Ridiculous attention to detail later on, which is commendable, but other than that it's horrible. 1/5x
a cool WTF map from '96x

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