Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/outer27c.zip
Size: 1250 KB
Date: 06/11/01
E-mail: JunvenileMillionaires@hotmail.com
Description: __________________________________________________ :MAP01 ABAND93h.WAD :THE ABANDONED ORE STATION :The ore station was at one time very prosperous.
Credits: ID, playtesting by: Chirs Wilson, and many others :Also credit is do to the midi creaters. I would :have listed them all but I am really not sure who :did every file musical score. ThankZ to Lawrence Chu, :sargpepp67{http://www.dcom-lao.com/alta.htm}, :Chris Walters, RyanNoMore, Chris Sparks, :cwalters, etc...
Base: New level from scratch replaces outer27a and outer27b
Build time: Long time hard to say...
Editor(s) used: deep 6.2, WINTEX 3.4 by Olivier Montanuy
Bugs: Some textures do not line up.
Rating: (8 votes)
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this ia about as fun as geting raped in the asshole by a clown, x
OUCH!!!! OUUUUCCHHHH!!! MY ASS!!!! You're wrong, the clown thing is much, much better and more enjoyable than these horrible maps. 0/5x
The comparison is not fair to the clown.x
I fantasized of having wild vaginal sex with a German transvestite clown while playing this to kill the horrible feelings of depression.x
This is dated 2001, although it is indistinguishable from a 1995-style levelset. It has all the crappy old sound samples you know and love. The wall textures are either plain or eye-gouging. The layouts resemble Pac-Man. The gameplay is less entertaining than fighting the same amount of monsters in a plain square room. And that's the first level. Then I skipped to level five, which was no better, and took me about a minute and a half to finish.x
Avoid the first two maps which are total crap but it eventually gets a bit better. 2/5x

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