Title: theSpawnSQwads [Final Cut]
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/spawnsq2.zip
Size: 603 KB
Date: 05/18/99
Author: many - see below* [all maps used with permission]
E-mail: snyland@earthlink.net
Description: 32 DOOM2 formerly DM oriented levels converted to SP use by the addition of a most unwelcomed guest. Quite violent at times.
Base: * here 's the list .... I am unable to attribute the authors of 4 maps due to a lack of info txt's on the original WAD archives - if anyone has any additional info on them please email me at once so I can give credit .... please note again that ALL WADs were used with the permission of the original authors, and NO registered id DOOM or DOOM2 levels were used as bases [and please also note that Map01!.WAD comes with permission to alter, and that all other levels were originally made from scratch];
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WADenizer 2.0, HellMaker 1.2
Bugs: only one - in map12 there is a strange "error zone" in the middle of one of the rooms ..... it does not crash the game but sludges up the play some .... I may replace it with another WAD, though I really love particular map and am stubborn. Damn.
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Kind of like the "DMSP" mods for some other games, but not as much fun. It might've been more interesting if the levels were made into proper SP maps rather than just throwing in a sin spawner in each one.x

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