Title: Escape from Pittston Area
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/pahigh.zip
Size: 414 KB
Date: 07/26/04
Author: Michael "Slider"
E-mail: GKBurgess@compuserve.com
Description: "New" level for DOOM2. Runs on DOOM 95, haven't tried any earlier versions. It's a big and detailed level. Best played as death match. (I remembered the deathmatch starts this time :) (Pentium recommended)
Credits: Chris Witkowski, Brett Lochner, and Dave Blauer for play testing. ROCK ON DUDES!
Build time:
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Rating: (9 votes)
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I dont know what it was but something made me find this map really unlikeable. The textures were bad to start with anyway but i didnt enjoy it much anyway. ** -Duncanx
Well from reading the 'long plot', I can see how Doom could have inspired school shootings.x
Nevermind the school shootings... what about the suicide rate... I'm off to top myself now after looking at this pile-o-crap.x
That was a big ass level. Nothing really special. Alot of monsters crammed in small rooms. It was also a confusing map. At least it's decent compared to other school levels.x
This is dated February 1998. It's a large "my school" level with 544 baddies, and all the problems of this kind of map - dozens of tiny square rooms that you have to explore, no progression, and a rubbish sound replacement (*gargling*, for chrissakes). On the other hand it's fairly entertaining to just blast 544 baddies in a large base although the difficulty level is basically un-thought-out, i.e. it's ridiculous and unrewarding.x
Compared to most "School" wads on /idgames, this one is actually not too bad. Too many enemies, but I guess it is supposed to be a slaughter wad.x

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