Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/portun.zip
Size: 104 KB
Date: 04/07/97
Author: Eugen Muzic
E-mail: emuzic@foi.hr
Description: Designed for a single player, multiplayer and deathmatch.
Credits: id Software the creators of Doom.
Base: My third level "MISTO.WAD"
Build time: 2 days, my fourth level
Editor(s) used: DCK (BSP 1.2)
Bugs: Rockets and plasma gun ammo are passing thrue some outside walls of buildings.
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It would have been more fun if you didn't go freakin' nuts with the goddamn monsters.x
Awesome level, I don't think it would look too out of place if it was included in the hell revealed megawad. 4/5 - Philx
This is dated June 1995. It's a fairly small sandstone arena with a large symmetrical building in the middle - it's really a kind of simple endurance slaughter level, entertaining in that respect although it doesn't amount to a great hill of beans. Deserves a start or two for the start, which is momentarily pant-wetting. A big problem is that you can just run around the level boundary a few times, and a third of the monsters infight each other to death.x
I liked it - COOLx

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