Title: rr levels release 01 as rrd201.zip
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/rrd201.zip
Size: 366 KB
Date: 12/28/96
Author: Robert L. Ross (aka: Flounder)
E-mail: rosfam01@ais.net
Description: Six new levels from scratch PLUS a level from the outline presented in the book "Tricks of the Doom Programming Gurus".

I have tried to create a blend of technical design, game play, and interesting challenges. The balance point of difficulty and power-ups was meant to make the levels playable. It is possible to play even on difficulty level "Hurt me plenty" without the codes -- but you either have to know what's coming up next or save a lot.

I have never played co-op or deathmatch -- from the pwads I have seen -- these will probably not be very good for either application. They were originally intended to be played as individual levels -- so if they are played in sequence you may notice an overabundance of power-ups, weapons, and ammo -- but that should not be a problem -- just pick up enough of what you need to make it interesting. (HECK, THE MONSTERS NEVER RUN OUT OF AMMO!)

It will run on Doom2 1.666 or 1.9. Not for the inexperienced player -- you need to know the tricks of Doom play, how to use the map, and (maybe -- wimp) the cheat codes.

Since it is a straight patch wad replacement there is no "installation" required. Just un-zip the file, then copy to your doom directory and type:

doom2 -file rrd201.wad
Credits: id Software (thank you, everyone!). The gang that put together "Tricks of the Doom Programming Gurus" for getting me started. Matthew Ayres (WADED). Ben Morris (DCK). Glen Payne & Mathew Bostwick (OSIRIS) for demonstrating that you do not have to do it all at once. Chad Moore (WOTDOOM3) for his kind words and getting me to finish.
Base: 01 through 06 are new levels from scratch, level 07 is from the outline given in "Tricks ...."
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WADED and DCK.
Bugs: None.
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fuckin cool '96 puzzle/trick maps, a couple bugs thoughx

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