Title: Satan's Workshop v1.3f
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/satanv13.zip
Size: 78 KB
Date: 05/16/97
Author: Brian English aka "Captain Camshaft"
E-mail: camshaft@buffnet.net
Description: (See below)
Credits: The crew at id, natch... Jeff Naab (for playtest & fragbait chores :) ) Hank Leukart for "The DOOM Hacker's Guide" and the DOOM FAQ, or course... Matt Fell for the DOOM Specs Antony Burden for DETH
Base: Modified v1.2 (STNSWRKS.WAD)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DoomCAD v5.1, IDBSP v1.1 beta (V1.1) Updated with DETH v3.90, v3.92 and ZenNode v0.98a
Bugs: None.
Rating: (5 votes)
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good level not to bat monster placemint but a little to dark it was good for its time 4/5x
This is a solid map, although it feels older than 1997. In fact it feels like a good Doom 1 map from 1995. It has a dark crate maze, lots of Doom 1 textures, and the gameplay is mellow. You will not run out of health or ammo. Apart from the dark crate maze (albeit that there's a hidden light switch) the level is very likeable in and old-fashioned way. If it was released tomorrow as a retro level it would attract good reviews. There's a bug that can trap you in the exit room, though.x
In fact there isn't a bug that can trap you in the exit room. And it's not the exit room. The procedure for getting the yellow key is the level's biggest failing; you have to flick an unmarked and unexceptional computer panel, and then turn around to see a silent door. And once you grab the yellow key, if you step forward slightly you are transported to inescapable death. The whole rigmarole lets the level down, and I dock a point because of it.x
In this version, I'd set the offset on that panel switch to try to make it stand out more. I agree the yellow key strategy was a bit convoluted. I was aiming for more challenge than just a pile of monsters. I did warn people in the spoilers about the yellow key. I was hoping that people would notice that one of the computer alcoves in that lab was empty and used the same floor texture as the space behind the yellow key. :) Brian English, 2/7/08x
fun '97 map, don't miss the light switch in the dark roomx

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