Title: Snowball's Chance
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/sbc.zip
Size: 56 KB
Date: 09/05/04
Author: Stephen Galvin
E-mail: redstorm666@yahoo.com
Credits: Id - Creators of DOOM2 Waded v1.83b
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Rating: (12 votes)
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This is a godly map in terms of gameplay, however, it's probably not for everyone. In the beginning, the map seemed very empty and very surreal, which built up a bit of suspense. Then the author throws a brick at you and you're more or less in a state of "WTF?!". I knew there was more to this map than what met the eye. I look forward to your 3rd map ever :P ***** --EarthQuakex
very slow action, well, thats untill the auther throws like a hundrid bull deamons after you and you just get raped because you dont have the ammo to kill theam all 1/5x
This is dated August 2008. It starts off as a simplistic slime base; you flick switches which release a few monsters, and then you get attacked by a swarm of demons, more than you can practically kill. The gameplay involves running away, down a series of empty corridors. The idea is intriguing - you have to hurry - but the execution feels a bit off. It relies on one-time teleports, and you really don't have enough ammo unless you're compulsively precise.x
This is a speed mapper. When the demons run, you better start running fast, don't mind the stimpacks. Every second is a second closer to being mauled by demons. ~0/5x
Starting off a slow process from when you begin, there is sudden emptiness the first few rooms and a couple of nukage plots. Run down some empty corridors and hit the implying switches along the way. Expect a few imp fights and lowly pistol zombies in the first part, then the more you progress you realize you just aren't done yet, oh no.. there are pinky demons ready to maul you down like fresh meat. 3/5x
Plain primitive and overly rectangular layout with a lot of empty places, very spare texture use, as good as no decoration, a shitload of doors which aren't doors, endless walking, one sudden flood of about 70 pinkies and besides that only a few lower-profile monsters, and a switch hunt. Overall gameplay is hopelessly simple and unattractive. 1* because it is truly awful. Not worth a try, because there are too many better levels.x
Getsu Fune
the atmosphere at the beginning seemed cool, but it was easy to get lost. when I finally got to the large horde of demons, first of all not all of them came after me and second if I stayed in the closet with the switch then I would be stuck too since the switch is one-time use only.x

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