Title: Tang's Hideaway v2.4
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/tang24.zip
Size: 95 KB
Date: 10/25/98
Author: Sparkle Tom
E-mail: sparktom@bigfoot.com
Description: A nasty level with plenty of evil surprises. If you survive, you will be changed.
Credits: Rich Sham, world's finest playtester ID Tang, who I'll always love and remember. This level is in memory of her, she was a very good girl.
Base: none
Build time:
Bugs: none - please notify author if something amiss is found.
Rating: (2 votes)
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This is a crude but entertaining old level, with a sort of dungeon / gothic theme. You have to fight through a slimy courtyard hub several times, and there's a maze off to the side that you have to explore, followed by a final arena. I dislike mazes, but there are lots of monsters, and you get lots of ammo, so there's a decent level of carnage. There's a nice big hectic final battle as well. The design is simple and very square but it does the job.x
Not too good on the eyes, but is fun to playthrough. There's a lightning bolt if you press the automap. Made in memory of a girl named Tang.x

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