Title: The Lost WAD #4 (11/97)
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/tlw_4.zip
Size: 92 KB
Date: 11/22/97
Author: Jeromy John Visser
E-mail: tl_software@juno.com
Description: As with previous Lost WADs, I built this with attention to texture alignment and playability using ALL the keys. However, This time, I pushed the game-engine while paying close attention to shading, lighting and texture choices. The size of this WAD as a raw-copy (before music, graphics, etc) was 168k! I think you'll appreciate the extra work when you play The Lost WAD #4 and it earns and permanant home on your floppy discs!
Credits: Tranquil Lament Software for free promotion of this and previous WADs. id Software for the games I lost my conventional job for!
Base: A new level from scratch.
Build time: Over one year (off and on)!
Editor(s) used: Deth, Waded 1.83, Wintex 3.4, Mustool, DoomED 4.20 & RMB!
Bugs: None! I wouldn't release it if it had any!
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This is afrom the tail end of the pre-source port era. It's very old-fashioned for something released in late 1997; it feels like one of the better Doom 1 levels from 1994. It's not bad, and it entertained me for a few minutes, but it's totally undistinguished and forgettable. The layout is basically a compact grey stone maze, with lots of imps and a couple of the harder monsters, but you have just about enough ammo. It's not particularly hard on UV.x

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