Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/trantor.zip
Size: 103 KB
Date: 02/06/09
Author: Robert W.S.Smith.
E-mail: super_shotgun35@yahoo.com
Description: No plot just get to the end!. A big PWAD with all weapons except the BFG 9000.With nice lighting effects & perfectly aligned textures.Also catering all difficulty settings & most baddies. Including a large dome room,a lake,boat and oars. A mens toilet,benches,5 secret locations & many booby traps.
Credits: Cheers to RaphaČl Quinet,Brendon J. Wyber & Adler for DEU-II,a modified version of Deu 5.21 - (The most intuitive Doom Editor available). Colin Reed for BSP (Accurate node builder). Those id guys for producing such a relaxing blast.
Base: Level from Scratch.
Build time: A long time (didn't count,around 40 hours perhaps).
Editor(s) used: DEU-2 modified by ADLER.RaphaČl Quinet and Brendon J. Wyber for DEU-2 ver 5.21. Colin Reed for BSP node builder.
Bugs: The IDCLIP cheat causes the level to crash on some occasions with the error R_Drawplanes visplanes overflow.Too much information in sight perhaps?. The solution don't use IDCLIP!.
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A good map from 1995. 4/5x
^ What he said.-4/5x
Ok oldschool map. 3/5 - Optimusx
Pretty darned good indeed. 4/5x
ok, but slightly dull and wc on start is ridiculous. ** /hthx
This was okay. Nothing too fancy just basic gameplay but yet another lame exit. 3/5.-Candle Mx
Very average map nowadays, but in 1995 it was the standard. Worth a place in your "old maps" collection.x

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