Title: The Twin Brothers
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/twins.zip
Size: 221 KB
Date: 01/01/03
Author: Helioth
E-mail: francois.coppex@buemplizer.ch
Description: ώ In the room with 'star', there is a guy looking exactely the same as you. I know that you're unique, but that's not a reason for shooting him down! If you want to, try to kill him; you will not survive to his death... This guy is a genetical copy of yourself which is locked up in a building so that the owners have full-control over you. The problem is that some people decided that you weren't of any utility to the society. That's the reason why they let the job of killing the copy to plenty of ugly and starving monsters. In fact they have two ways of successing in their glorious mission: killing the copy or, even better, the original. You do not have the choice: you will have to protect him from yourself and from the monsters. If he looses 100 of health, even if you still have 30 percent of your health, you'll die. But you'll have to be very careful because places that were cleaned up could suddenly become full of killers again.

ώ Huge level and therefore very slow even on 486 66MHZ computers. ώ 'Living' level (what a paradox...) because of a lot of sectors tags (approximately 40) ώ No BFG9000
Credits: ώ ID Software, Brendon J Wyber, Rapha‰l Quinet, Colin Reed.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Approximately 40 hours
Editor(s) used: DEU2 5.21, DEEP 6.11, WADED 1.83α, BSP 1.2x, NWT 1.2
Bugs: None
Rating: (2 votes)
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This is an excellent level for mid-1995, and it's still good fun nowadays. The design is simple and there are plenty of monsters. The gimmick - a voodoo doll - is basically pointless, though, and the level is clumsy at times (you miss a lot of the monsters unless you go through the level twice). The new sounds are decent although they get on my nerves after a while.x

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