Title: Union Aerospace Corporation
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/uac2.zip
Size: 747 KB
Date: 11/24/99
Author: The Stimpack-team: -Kari Westerholm -Markku Steen -Janizdreg
E-mail: kariholm@saunalahti.fi
Description: An 11-level Doom2 episode, the first creation that the Sp-team has spawned thus far. The levels would probably be best described as a mix of Doom and Doom2 styled levels with some of our own ideas thrown in the pot. Quality and playability was one of our main goals when creating these levels and hopefully you'll find them as enjoyable to play as we did making them.
Credits: Thanks to our beta tester, Jani "Sir Robin" Saksa. Additional thanks go to Nargul, TumA and Tvilliz.
Base: New level(s) from scratch.
Build time: About two years...we are lazy you know!
Editor(s) used: DCK 3.62, WADED 1.83, WinTex 4.3, PSP 5.00
Bugs: A few (very few) textures mis-aligned, it may be that you won't even notice them.

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Not the best WAD in the world, but a nice diversion. Get it if you don't have anything else to do.x
You fight through some very hard levels, then at Map10 you wind up with no place else to go but a pitch-black room where you can't get out even if you kill all the monsters in it (which is very unlikely). Boo, hiss.x
Aw give me a break. Vacuous nonsense. Just nonsense rooms. No puzzles. As usual, some fool has given it four stars.x
Not bad. Enjoyable and worth a shot. I guess I will be the fool this time. 4/5 -Lupinx-Kassmanx

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