Title: A Truckers Nightmare! version 3.111111
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/uac_cave.zip
Size: 597 KB
Date: 04/18/96
Author: Sam Dickie
E-mail: bdickie@epsb.edmonton.ab.ca
Description: This is a DOOM II pwad. Single or Cooperative. Deathmatch would be impractical

- Single You are an independant truck driver. You are resting in your cab when it is pushed onto it's side. You grab your handgun from the glove box and jump out the windshield. Shotgun welding maniacs and small satanic creatures are all around you.

Luckly, the supplies you were moving were from the United Ammunition Company (UAC). You finish off the creatures outside and prepare to enter the truck stop when it sinks into the ground! A huge gaping hole opens up infront of you. Shotgun ready, you enter the maze of underground caves in search of the foul creature that woke you up.

- Cooperative Same story as single but with more than one person.
Credits: Matthew Ayres, WADED is best.

Special thanks to ID for DOOM & DOOM II
Base: New level from my brain.
Build time: About 21 days. Hey, great things take time.
Editor(s) used: Waded v1.83, love it! Wintex 3.4, love it! WARM 1.6, fastest nodes builder I've seen!
Bugs: Just a little HOM from edge overload. The huge cavern was too complex.
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Pretty fun with some interesting parts. Good if you like to walk around a bit. nice for a break between mega-wadsx
Puerile. Starts of with a modellers paradise. Goes into an interminable cavern that is about as much fun as a world tour of Jimmy Connelly's arse. What this author thinks is the fun in playing this level I do not know. No puzzles just endless map-making fun. This author lacks insight. As usual, some fool has given it four stars.x

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