Title: Visor-1.WAD
Filename: levels/doom2/v-z/visor-1.zip
Size: 43 KB
Date: 08/25/95
Author: John Rosencutter
E-mail: pharcyde@imagi.net
Description: Semi small wad that can be used as either a single player or deathmatch (or co-op if need be). My first level wad, so any comments would be appreciated!
Credits: Randy Pollestad, The PharCyde BBS, id
Base: New level from scratch (but based off Randy Pollestad's massacre.wad)
Build time: 2 weeks
Editor(s) used: EdMap 1.30, Mustool 2.0
Bugs: Demons, Barons of Hell, & the rest of em.
Rating: (7 votes)
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I dont understand it, this level should be SO FUCKING POPULAR!!!! I played it and it was awesome! Just two things. One, one of doors didn't open, forcing me to noclip through it. Maybe its just my port, i dunno. Two, the lava area was WAY to fucking hard.....and i was playing on easy. Other than that, AWESOME job!!! Cyberdemon was easy 4 me, cause i beat plutonia go 2 it, and i have experience killing cybers with little ammo.x
No need for noclipping - that door you couldn't open needed to be shot. But the section with walking along a narrow ledge was very tedious - at least Doom2 map24 had only a tiny segment where you absolutely couldn't afford to fall. And having to walk back along it just made the whole thing silly. Therefore I doubt that many players will enjoy this map.x
indeed, this is junk. not enough ammo to kill anything. when it tries to be clever it doesn't do a good job. in the blood room you can run across to a midsection of the path and skip a bunch. i got through this one, but felt extremely unfulfilled at the end. 2/5 NTx
Your wads are the best, John. In fact, this is the best wad I've ever experienced. I look forward to many more wads from you.x

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