Title: vivaldi.WAD
Filename: levels/doom2/v-z/vivaldi2.zip
Size: 225 KB
Date: 09/03/95
Author: snider
E-mail: spielbauer@ohf015.hf.op.dlr.de
Description: DEATHMATCH WAD for DOOM ][ !

Look at the HelpScreen (press F1). It is good for playing at work.

In single and cooperative player mode you start at a position you never reach in deathmatch mode. The reason for this is to keep the deathmatch area small and give a single player something to do.

DEATHMATCH: The deathmatch starting points are hidden so you can not be fragged whem you come back. You all get the same weapons and the same armor at the beginning. SKILL SETTINGS: skill 1: . only pumpguns and chainguns . use -respawn for more action in two player mode skill 3: . all weapons 200 % health . use -nomonsters to get a clear level skill 4: . all weapons 200 % health . you get the icon thrower in level 2

PLEASE: Record some single or deathmatch demos and send them to me!! Send some coments or suggestions to improve!
Credits: all folks who worked on DOOM and it's add-ons
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: # of hours, unknown. It was an iterative process of playing deathmatch and changing the map more multiplayer fun.
Editor(s) used: DCK11A,DMapEdit V4,DMGraph
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Not a bad map for SP, though lacking much challenge. Some moderately interesting construction.x
Two maps dated April 1995. They include a boss mode that turns the screen into a C: prompt (reminiscent of those old Microprose flight simulators). Map01 starts as a "my house" level with some painless slime but improves into a decent castle-style monster-fest, although it's very very short. Map02 is a deathmatch spawn shooter battle, with no monsters to start with, but you can just run to the exit.x

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