Title: Weirdy
Filename: levels/doom2/v-z/weirdy.zip
Size: 20 KB
Date: 08/23/12
Author: Gary Webb
E-mail: doom@CL4.org
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Rating: (12 votes)
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It's hideous and should never have been uploaded. Just cuz you made it when you were 14 and rediscovered it now doesn't mean you need to infect the rest of us with it.x
Complete crapx
WEIRDY. ugly fucked up 90's wads FTWx
Actually a pretty good map, don't let the spoiled CoD players fool you, this is actually fairly well designed with no obvious issues. The lava didn't do damage but I doubt that was the author's intend to begin with. 3/5, average but certainly no 'complete crap'.x
^No obvious issues? I'll point it out for you: Cramped level design, too many monsters for such a small space, piss-poor texturing for a 90's wad (lava that doesn't do damage, "double-doors", doors that don't have door textures), and you run out of ammo quickly (I played on UV). This is indeed crap. Have zero stars.x
Why argue over a map?Be sensible & don't bother with heated arguing.x

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