Title: No Rest for the Wicked
Filename: levels/doom2/v-z/wicked_3.zip
Size: 113 KB
Date: 02/27/02
Author: ReX Claussen
E-mail: gurkha_boy@yahoo.com
Description: Medium-sized "spooky", hellish-themed level. Save that ammo!
Credits: Jack Vermeulen (sbsoftware.com) for helping to try and get rid of the nasty HOM effect at the start of the level id Software
Base: New
Build time: 10 days, including play-testing
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor
Bugs: A HOM effect at the start. Does not affect gameplay. I spent many hours trying to get rid of it, and Jack Vermeulen also tried. In the end I decided to release the map with the HOM instead of simplifying and modifying the map.

These aren't exactly bugs, but I'll point them out. If you use ZDooM you can't run across the pillars to get to the soul sphere and armor (you'll have to jump), but in DooM2 you can. If you use DooM2 and die and restart a saved game, the "sleeping monsters" syndrome prevents enemies from teleporting in at the right time.
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another nice wad from u yet again. good design and monster placement. 5/5 -P@R@DOXx
Short and simple but good map from one of my favorite authors. Looks and plays somewhat dull compared to other maps he's created, but definitely above average quality. My only real criticism is the use of the hexagon tile flats in the otherwise hellish environment, which looks rather out of place. 4/5 --Wooliex
This is dated February 2002 and it's Map27. You face 91 baddies in a symmetrical hellbase sitting in some lava; it reminds me a bit of Bloodsea Keep from the Master Levels. The ammo and health balance is generally good although odd (very few shells, but more rockets than you need), and the map is very symmetrical. In fact it made me nostalgic for Bloodsea Keep although on its own merits it's not bad, just a bit anonymous.x
Not a bad map at all. Very balanced and I was expecting like shit load of demons to maul me to death... but thank god this map isnt one of those cheap maps.x

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