Title: Wild World V.1 (for Doom ][ Only!)
Filename: levels/doom2/v-z/wildwrld.zip
Size: 320 KB
Date: 10/21/97
Author: Aaron Hansen
Description: This wad was designed to try to be a single player, a coop, and a deathmatch wad (Try playing deathmatch on skill 4 or 5! FUN!). It's my first wad too let out into reality, but I've made wads before this, just never let them out, so I know how to make some cool Doom2 stuff. I tried to make every type of background, so if you like wooden walls, dead bodies all over, computeristic chaos, or dark, creepy rooms, expect it to be in there somewhere.

I'm not going to tell you about any specific parts of the level, because I think it's more fun if you find them out when you play the level yourself.

I left out four lower textures for special effects. Whadever ya' do, DON'T FILL EM' IN! Thank you.

Try to find all the secrets. If my level's too hard, find some secrets. They will make life easier. If it's too hard still, put it on the easiest difficulty. If it's still to hard, type -nomonsters at the dos prompt. If it's still too hard, put on the cheat code I-D-D-Q-D. But what I started this paragraph in the first place is too tell you to try to find all the secrets. There's about eleventeen thousand of them. And if you're still wondering how much eleventeen is, I don't have a clue, cause' it's probably not a number.
Credits: The Id guys and the deu team, for making the editor that I used, (the only editor that accually worked!) and Miah Brownlee, for working on a song for my level. My good, nice, friendly, encuraging, thoughtful, kind friends Joe Brownlee, and Jacob Wood for making me the Doom freak that I am today. My dad for getting this rad computer, my mom for, uh, um, er, making me exist, my brain for thinking up this neato level, my feet for carrying me to the computer every day, my hands for letting me type, my computer, Matt William for making a base for my TEXT file, not wad (sorry, not an insult, your level's real cool.) and a pig. Kind of.
Base: New level from scratch, and this text file's base is from Matt William's "Epic" text file.
Build time: A tiny bit more than a couple hours. As in my whole stinkin' summer vacation!
Editor(s) used: Windeu 32, version 5.24 Dehacked
Bugs: None that I know of, but don't Email me if you see one. (you know those others that tell you to Email if you see one? Not me! But, of course, one has to show up, right? Yep! Perfectly normal luck.)
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Two dull levels and one decent one from nigh-on ten years ago, although nothing special. Uses a dehacked patch which you have to add manually; I couldn't be bothered. The third level is fun if you do a pistol start, the second level is dull, the first level mocks-up the invisible floors of UAC_DEAD by using darkness instead. Texture errors throughout.x

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