Title: Woof
Filename: levels/doom2/v-z/woof.zip
Size: 62 KB
Date: 02/09/95
Author: Lester John
E-mail: johnl@esvax.es.dupont.com
Description: Woof! Make the wrong decision again? Keep trying it's not impossible. Will you find the Exit or GO TO HELL? It's easy-Blue Key, Blue Door----Red Key,Red Door---Yellow Key, Yellow Door, Exit. Try the woof.lmp if u get stuck. The ending however is not included but you do get to see what Hell Looks like. I jump in and it's there that I wait for YOU!
Credits: Makers of EdMap123 and of course the ID guys!
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: EdMap 1.23
Bugs: None known. This wad however can grate your nerves. Feel free to email me if you find any.
Rating: (4 votes)
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OH SWEET JESUS I BEAT IT! And only after half an hour of reloading the game and a lot of cussing, too! Billions of teleports. Holy crap.x
Awful. It's a big dark maze with lights that glow on and off, although it is mostly dark. It's a maze. After finding the blue key you go to a room lined with nine teleporters; each one takes you to a location in the maze, and I assume you have to try each one until you go to the right place. Fuck that. Life's too short. This level would only be entertaining if you were autistic. It is as enjoyable as performing surgery on ingrowing toenails.x
Interesting and odd wad. The idea is pretty good but could have been done better, it is evident that the mapper has still a lot to learn! 4/5 overall, give it a try, it is something different than the usual doom mapsx
I liked it - neat - I thought the idea was done well - even though finding the right path takes trial and error, the teleporter shortcuts make it quickx

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