Filename: levels/doom2/v-z/wornpeas.zip
Size: 77 KB
Date: 03/01/04
Author: Karl Minor
E-mail: 100617.2702@compuserve.com
Description: Looks like a bright sunny day, almost enough to make you forget you're wandering through a desolate landscape populated by bloodthirsty mutants, with death behind every corner and door.

This is a big level (I ran out of linedefs in the editor, or it would be bigger) that should keep solo players busy for a while. Lots of tricks & lifts & such. It's probably too big for deathmatch; this level is really for introverted explorers or co-op play.

I'm trying to do better with each new WAD I write. Check out MEINHAUS if you haven't already. And if you have suggestions to make the levels play better or ideas for my next level, please let me know. I ain't doing this for money . . . I'm doing it for you.

This was written on a 486DX33, so it should be rather zippy on faster machines. It's been played on a 386DX as well, without causing suicide.
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Not too sophisticated but a fun map.x
rather OK, funny to play 3.5/5 - PerOxydx
not enough bulletx
There's more than enough ammo. Heck, this level is fine for Tyson play (thanks to all the invulnerability spheres), so there's really quite a big surplus.x
This is dated June 1995. Wornpeas by Karl Minor, what odd names. Anyway, you fight 169 baddies in a decent but very copy-and-paste early level. Starts off with a good-looking courtyard with some nice shadows, beyond which point the designer gave up on the fancy stuff until the demon head near the end, at which point it goes a bit lift-puzzly. You get tonnes of plasma against pretty meek oppo, and pointless invulnerability spheres as well. It's nostalgic though.x
I liked it - COOLx
Much better than the author's earlier three maps (Meinhaus.wad). 4/5x

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