Title: x-dove.zip
Filename: levels/doom2/v-z/x-dove.zip
Size: 86 KB
Date: 08/18/95
Author: Michael "migru" Grube
E-mail: migru@vg3.chemie.uni
Description: Try it out - nobody needs a story or something... ;-)
Credits: The ID-people for writing this hell of a game. The authors of DOOM.FAQ. The authors of the following editors: DEU521, DEU521GCC, DEU2C and DOOMEDPM. The authors of the following node-builders: IDBSP and WARM13.
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A fairly good map, with some nice ideas. Possibly a bit disjointed though in terms of themes and flow. 3.75 stars would be about right.x
This is dated August 1995. You fight 231 baddies in a generally crude but imaginative large-scale tech / lava base, with an emphasis on Tyson play for the first quarter. After that it declines, because you get far more rockets than you need, and the only arena battle gives you an invulnerability sphere. It's still entertaining in a simple way. About fifty of the baddies are hidden in a bonus squishing arena you can visit after finishing everything else.x
Enjoyable level from back in the day.x

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