Title: HYMN: A Heretic Community Project
Filename: levels/heretic/Ports/hymn.zip
Size: 5514 KB
Date: 07/14/13
Author: Various Authors
E-mail: jeffking543@hotmail.com
Description: HYMN is a Doomworld community project for Heretic. It is a 9 level episode that features custom textures. HYMN should be compatible with most modern Boom and ZDoom related ports, as well as Doomsday, but has an emphasis on 'vanilla' style mapping.
Credits: Project Host: Egregor

Project Support: A.Gamma Xaser

Mappers: A.Gamma - E1M6 - Myth Falls Boared - E1M2 - Pathetic Reprimand Cacowad - E1M9 - Domus DooMAD - E1M8 - Sacrilegium Surrexit Egregor - E1M4 - Temple of The Fallen Lords EvilNed01 - E1M3 - Badlands Optimus - E1M5 - Optifort Pavera - E1M1 - Port Pavera Xaser - E1M7 - Anachronistic Metropolis

Playtesters: Exl EvilNed St_Alfonso Tarnsman Capellan Demon of the Well Vermil DWmegawad Club

Other contributors: Quasar for port compatibility support Vermil for Doomsday port compatibility support Wesley Johnson for port compatibility support

*See TXT\credits.txt for full credit information
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 9 Months
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2, Slade 3
Bugs: E1M3 may have some bugs.
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This brings back some memories!x
superb 5/5x
Great wad. A shame it isn't optimized for co-op. I foolishly went ahead and start a co-op server without checking the readme and ended up having to cheat to get past some part. But other than that, it plays surprisingly well in this mode! Anyway, beautiful, beautiful set of maps, worth downloading even if one isn't into Heretic.x
Truly beautiful maps marred by sometimes tedious gameplay. Few maps are to large imo and go on for way too long. They are also over-reliant on tedious switch/key hunts which were never my cup of tea.x
Amen to that!x
I'm trying this on ZDoom but it just doesn't work. It won't even run!x
Y'know, sometimes maps can be TOO big. And I question whether E1M9 can even be completed without cheating. There is NO WAY that a person can get to the green key without cheating. Some mappers know secret areas well - whereas others make their secrets so obscure it's ridiculous.x

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