Title: Alfa 1
Filename: levels/heretic/a-c/alfa1.zip
Size: 89 KB
Date: 06/24/11
Author: Wraith
E-mail: Edgar.lorenz@gmail.com
Description: In alfa 1 you'll fight in a subterranean place, and later in the game you'll be in a open area with lava and natural ambience.
Credits: Id Software, and Raven for Heretic.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: I don't remember
Editor(s) used: Wadauthor
Bugs: textures desalignements
Rating: (10 votes)
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Unnecesaryly hard and boring, like all author mapsx
above post: unfortunately, yes 1/5x
Heh, I wonder who will get bored with the "hard" version of this map - imo "easy" already is nasty and boring enough. ** /HTHx
Well that wasnt as bad as some of his other ones but still pretty bad. At least it was playablex
Ich fand das gar nicht mal so schlecht, auch wenn ich die Teleporter nicht geblickt habe...x

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