Title: Be Careful !
Filename: levels/heretic/a-c/becarefl.zip
Size: 27 KB
Date: 08/13/97
Author: Florian ROBARDET
E-mail: nairolf@infonie.fr
Credits: * Authors of DEEP 8.76 * Alex Devilliers, sysop of the GOLD DRAGON BBS, that encouraged me to continue building levels for ID-Games. * My mother who thinks my computer only helps me to expand the phone bill when going on the Net... ;] * My dear computer who accepted to stay turned on during long hours... * My really dear Pentium CPU that accepted overclocking from 75 Mhz to 83 Mhz -I know it's not wonderful, only 8 mhz more, but it's safe and I can see effects ! :-) * Guys at FTP.CDROM.COM, for allowing people, especially Id-Games Wads builders to upload and publish their work! * Guys at PC FUN, a french magazine that contains, each month, a kewl CD-Rom with cool stuff, I sent them this Wad so that they could publish it on this CD.. Thanxx a lot , guys !
Base: Completely new level
Build time: Several months.. since I started this Wad one day, and I didn't continued to build it.. I should say this Wad represents 7 hours of effective work..
Editor(s) used: DEEP 8.76
Bugs: I tried to completely avoid textures misplacements and display bugs.. There might be some of them somewhere in this level, but they're not obvious so it won't bother you.
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Odd looking map and weapon placement (they are behind secret false walls -_-). Also too easy. 1/5. ~Naanx
wtf, i get random shitty levels in "Random File" section.x

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