Title: Hahehiho...
Filename: levels/heretic/g-i/hahehiho.zip
Size: 17 KB
Date: 06/25/97
Author: Der Teufel
E-mail: dlantz@algonet.se
Description: Not an extremely large level...not very hard either...but will give you a slight challenge...
Credits: T1ny T1m for some ideas...
Base: Scratch.
Build time: 2 to 4 hours
Editor(s) used: DoomEd and WinDEU, the almighty editors...
Bugs: None. Really. Except for the silly name...
Rating: (4 votes)
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Very plain level, but since it has no significant bugs, it's ok. 2/5. ~Naanx
Another bland Heretic PWAD. 90-degree design throughout, with no attempt at any sort of detailing, and lackluster gameplay.x
Bland and uses the same repeating stone texture for basically the entire map. There's no real flow, and there is absolute NO detail at all. Just large, open 90-degree rooms. Anything related to T1ny T1m is pretty much a waste of your time.x
basic level design with minimal detailing - but I still got 10 minutes of fun out of it.x

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