Title: ­YoU Will DiE!, you should run like hell to survive...
Filename: levels/heretic/v-z/youlldie.zip
Size: 458 KB
Date: 04/03/01
Author: Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya.
E-mail: aojavierfdo@hotmail.com
Description: 09 levels totally tested (ok!) that you can check out and play... and don't forget to save your game advances. (Well, I don't say it is hard to play... heh,heh... prove it ;)
Credits: LionHeart TM. and to all the persons that have developed that usefull Tools to Make and Compile the Heretic Maps (DCK, WinDeu, RMB, WARM, BSP and much others...) Oh sure, Id Soft. for their HERETIC.
Base: New levels from scratch.
Build time: Oh, come on, I'm not really sure. But I guess, I took a lot of time for this...(days, weeks, months).
Editor(s) used: Sure, I have used for this creation: WinDeu524, Dck362, and I have checked out some others in my way of building it.
Bugs: If you find a Visplane Overflow, or Heretic bombs you to DOS or Windows... sorry, but this doesn't depends on me; it is not my fault, it is the Heretic Engine. What you can do: - As far as I see using HeXetic is a good option. Please visit: http://www.angelfire.com/id/hexetic. Note: I used it under Win32 and it works fine. - Inside your Heretic.Cfg file keep this configuration: screenblocks 6 (this helps a lot!) - Also is a good idea to enable Cwsdpmi.Exe to control your PC memory. - In Level 8, inside the Castle & Lair of D'Sparil, if you use the elevators inside it, please don't look inside the Castle, do it but outside. - Sure, if you have a New Executable with the characte- ristics of BooM, Legacy or ZDooM...please use it! *8)
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This is a crappy WAD. suck gameplay, suck ammo design, and it's too dark... 1/5-- SSWolfenSiex
yes, you will die from the lack of quality and abundance of awful design choices.x

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