Filename: levels/hexen/a-c/abbey.zip
Size: 135 KB
Date: 04/17/96
Author: Ralph Jenkin
E-mail: j3882642@redgum.bendigo.latrobe.edu.au
Description: The Abbey of Desecration.

For generations the very mention of the Abbey has caused those living under its shadow to make Warding signs and gesture the speaker to silence himself. Now you, as a seasoned adventurer of many campaigns, have decided to rid the land of its foul presence in return for the ever-lasting favour of those you free.

Led by guides as far up the mountain as they dare, you are left to make the final climb on your own. Finally, you come to a tunnel which you follow through to a vast volcanic crater, now filled with a huge glacier in the centre of which, impossibly, floats the Abbey itself. But you have no time to ponder the unlikelyhood of the scene, for the denizens of this place of evil have spotted you and not very happy to see you...

(End cheesy mood setting section) This is a large Hexen level, which I have made on and off over several months (the architechtural base was started in Heretic, which I converted to Hexen when I got it). It features heaps of scripts, a few polyobs and heaps of monsters. It may slow down in places (it does on my dx4-100), too many big open areas connected together. Sorry. I promise I won't do it next time. Still, try it out, let me know what you think.
Credits: The authors of Hexen
Base: Converted from a level I made for Heretic. Added a lot of detail since then, though.
Build time: Way too long.
Editor(s) used: DeeP 7.40, DCK 2.3 (Heretic base), Conv2Hex, Deacc, Heth 1.05, WinTex 4.1, NeoPaint for texture
Bugs: I think I got them all...
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Great, although I could never figure out how to get the castle key or the axe key.x
28:04 to beat, pretty nice map, quite confusing 4/5x
Not a bad map, though there are quite a lot of occasions to make monsters infight. 4/5 for most of the effort - printzx
Not the prettiest Hexen level, but decent to play. Requires a brain to defeat, more so than brawn in general--some areas are rather puzzley and might confuse some, but nothing a Hexen master can't handle. The biggest letdown is that the ending is very abrupt--no boss, not even a special portal, just a teleport pad and you're suddenly on Seven Portals. It just screams "to be continued" but it's just the one level.x
Very not-bad :)x
Really Dated map detail, genericok abbey x

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