Title: Caldera ... 6 level adventure for Hexen
Filename: levels/hexen/a-c/caldera.zip
Size: 1234 KB
Date: 06/29/97
Author: Chet Walters / WizWorks!
E-mail: mtz@cris.com
Description: Vaults was only a test. Now for the real thing. When you killed D'Sparil
Credits: John Williston for WAD Author. of course, ID and Raven
Base: From scratch by yours truly
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Rating: (16 votes)
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WOW, awesome level, very very nice 5/5x
Wolfen aside, this is the best level pack for Hexen. -Nx
the first 2 levels were kinda bland but the last 3 were incredible.x
Exelent MOD =)x
1234 kb :)x
I don't get it - great maps and all - but I actually didn't have to either the clock puzzle nor the planet puzzle at all? Nor find the library books? I'm not sure if Zedek is in this, but I got to the final map with Korax before killing Traductus. Lovely maps, great challenge - but more the half the puzzles I didn't even have to do to reach Korax. WTF?x
Absolutely fantastic! The special effects are first class, the puzzles are genius and everything there was to love about the original Hexen is even more embellished in this version! One criticism I have, NOT ENOUGH EARTHQUAKES!x

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