Title: Hub of Pain v1.0
Filename: levels/hexen/a-c/colin4.zip
Size: 280 KB
Date: 03/05/96
Author: Colin Caird
E-mail: ccaird@islandnet.com
Description: A 3 level hub (including hub level) that is just downright awesome. :) Lots of fog to.
Build time:
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Rating: (5 votes)
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The fact that the author of this PWAD also contributed to Deathkings should tell you something. These aren't the greatest levels ever, but they are good, and in places nice-looking. The main gripes are that it's rather short and doesn't have a strong ending, and it's possible to mess up the pushable wall in the mines in a such a way that you can't progress (I recommend walking against the block instead of running.)x
Very goodlooking. But I got stuck after opening the door for the first key. I HATE PUZZLES. 4/5 for to be fair. There might be ppl who actually likes puzzle solving. I am not one of those people. But its a good map by all standards.x
very good design. although a bit on the short side, it kinda left me wanting more, but it still is very professonal looking. aside from one little mess up in the mine level with a moveable block that won't push all the way its supposed to. i had to use a noclipping cheat to get by it but other than that this is a well done piece of work.x
pretty straightforward little hub. ran through it in about 30 minutes. Good fun for a few minutes, but it's pretty easy and over rather quickly.x

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