Title: attack on super pizza world hq
Filename: levels/hexen/p-r/pizza.zip
Size: 7 KB
Date: 06/15/13
Author: chesse20
E-mail: chesse20@gmail.com
Description: you are super cool dude and your misson is to break into super pizza world hq and kill everyone who works there. this is a heXen wad so dont try running it using a doom IWAD
Credits: raven software for making hexen
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 1 and a half hours
Editor(s) used: doom builder
Bugs: theres a broken door
Rating: (11 votes)
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The description is more entertaining than the WAD. This has to be intentionally bad.x
walter confalonieri
downloaded just for the silly title, level is just bad, even for a jokewad. Also this map crash on vanilla engine. I don't get the starting pit with flying artifact. 1/5x
What did I just play? You only need one artifly. It's not like Heretic. 2/5. -Omegalorex
I hate how when a crappy wad is released, some dumbass blames terry. This wad is shit though, I'll give it a 3/5 for effort. -Matthewx
^ lolol. Basically what he and Matthew said. It's uh. Definitely something.x
Yeah, don't be placing centaurs everywhere; in such masses, they slow the gameplay to a halt. I'm gonna give you one star though, just because of Hexen. Also, you may want to do something about that starting lift...x
Wolfen: Trash.x

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