Title: Serpent: Resurrection - Weapons Mod
Filename: levels/hexen/s-u/serp-wpn.zip
Size: 1073 KB
Date: 04/17/11
Author: Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer)
E-mail: theultimatedoomer@hotmail.com
Description: A standalone mod containing the weapons from Serpent: Resurrection. Compatible with any Hexen wad that has no additional weapons.
Credits: Randy Heit (for ZDoom).

Graf Zahl (for GZDoom and the additional coding which made things like new monsters and weapons possible).

Grubber (for creating the unofficial build that kept us all going with new features while Randy was reworking the main ZDoom code) Enjay (the flashlight in BGPA led me to discover dynamic lights, which proved revolutionary) DRD Team (for the SVN repository and file hosting server) The creators of all the editors I used to make this happen. The creators of all the resources I used to make this happen. (see serp-rpgc.txt for a full list of resources & authors)

Ian Livingstone (for the fantasy gamebook "Legend of Zagor") Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone (for "Warlock of Firetop Mountain", without which the former book wouldn't have existed) Joe Dever (for the "Lone Wolf" fantasy gamebooks) Mindscape (for the vintage RPG's "Legend" & "Worlds of Legend") RambOrc, Firebrand and the rest of the Korax Heritage team (for the Korax Mod) Blizzard (for a certain MMORPG) Epic Megagames (for Unreal) Raven Software (for Heretic & Hexen and their sequels)

And of course, id software for the greatest game on earth!
Base: My creative mind (And lots of inspiration from a wide variety of sources)
Build time: 1 day (to extract it from Serpent and rework it to fit any wad etc.)
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor, WinTex, DeHackEd, DeePsea, XWE, ZDBSP, Paint, PSP5, AudioRack, Audio Recorder, GoldWave, Doom Builder, SLumpEd, SpriteMaker
Bugs: Occasionally the music won't play when you load your savegame after quitting and restarting GZDoom (usually towards the end of the game). If this happens, type 'puke 808' at the console to restart the tune.
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