Title: Starship
Filename: levels/hexen/s-u/starship.zip
Size: 592 KB
Date: 04/05/06
Author: James `SPAM Man' Paige
E-mail: spam@cyberverse.com
Description: Starship is a complete SIX LEVEL hub. You are a disgruntled crew member of a massive warlike star cruiser. You set out to sabotage the ship by cutting it off from its power sources on three enslaved worlds; Alluvialis, Palaxistant, and Mazzarri. Warp portals on the starship take you to each planet, where you have to find the power conduit and shut it off. After you shut down all the power, you gain access to the starship's homeworld, Abbatoir where you must face Korax.
Credits: Raven Software, and that other company that worked on Hexen... what do they call themselves? Oh, whatever.
Base: New hub from scratch
Build time: I forget how long. I have been working on it off and on, bit at a time, for several months.
Editor(s) used: WADAUTHOR for the maps (a totally worthless editor) DEEP for the new textures (I hate crippled shareware) ACC for the scripts CUSTOMWAD for piecing it all together. (a bunch of inconvenient command-line programs that I found very usefull despite their simplicity.)
Bugs: Since this WAD uses a few alternate graphics and sound effects, playing beyond level 6 can get a bit wierd. Fortunately, this does no harm to antything, and can even be kind of funny at times.
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Brilliant hub. Only skip this one if you are allergic to Hexen.x
Intresting concept, but it fails as it's not nearly as good design as vanilla Hexen. And the Doom midi in map01 really feels out of place. And it's also silly easy.x
While itīs a good idea it failed to keep my interest due to out of place dialogue and lack of polish on the visual side: Hexen is not convincing enough for me when trying to recreate a spaceship... Other thing that failed to keep me interested was gameplay itself: I found it kind of annoying to explore the whole place blasting easy enemies. Still, nice try. 2 stars. Danimetal.x
Hey I remember this! Nice to see that it's finally uploaded here! James has made some awesome stuff and this is part of that awesome stuff. -Infurnusx
Not bad. In fact, this wad is great, though the music wasn't well-used, but all in all, a very fun wad. Could use some new textures and sprites and a few more levels. I'm getting tired of seeing every hexen wad have no new GFX or sprites, and having no more than 6 levels. But the fact that it includes the most realistic particle fountain i've ever seen makes up for it. (just kidding). 5/5 anyway.x
An amazing mod, the fact that it's Hexen has put off some people, but I see it a well executed sci-fi setting using textures meant for a dark fantasy world, and it works well. A very nice mod for people wanting to see how textures can be used in unique ways.x

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