Title: Death/Hard/Industrial/Goth/etc music WAD for both Doom and Doom2
Filename: music/dethmetl.zip
Size: 364 KB
Date: 08/22/99
Author: Chris Pisarczyk
E-mail: coyote6259@aol.com
Description: Replaces _all_ music in doom and doom2
Credits: Ammonic's site (http://www.experts.tzo.com/ammonic/) that contained all the midi files I obtained. Thanks! Also credit to Wintex and Id
Base: New Level from Scratch Base/Not a Level
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Wintex and MIDI2MUS
Bugs: none of course
Rating: (14 votes)
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Some of the songs don't work as well as others, but overall it's a pretty good PWAD. Plus you can use it with either version of Doom.x
This is some really sick music none the less, I'm definetly using some of it in my wad.x
the music sucked overall, but ill give a 2 for effort x
Best music wad in the archives.x
Where's my Joy Division and Bauhaus? No goth music herex
No death metal eitherx

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