Title: Alternate late game music replacement
Filename: music/endmus.zip
Size: 355 KB
Date: 03/24/09
Author: Mr. Chris
E-mail: chrisdragon425@yahoo.com
Description: I always thought the late game music for both Doom and Doom2 were off so I replaced MAP21 through MAP29 and E3M1-E3M9 with more string based MIDI files since I believe they would fit the hellish atmosphere better than the ones provided with the games.
Credits: Wintex, Midi2mus, XWE, Ultima 8 and www.laurasmidiheaven.com
Base: New from scratch
Build time: About an hour
Editor(s) used: Wintex, Midi2mus, XWE
Bugs: None! How could a music WAD have bugs?
Rating: (8 votes)
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I was expecting this to be awful - Doom's cheesy music is part of its appeal - but it's actually very good. The music is generally slow-paced and moody, with a film score feel. It's a viable alternative to the ambient grind of the Playstation version. The music for Map23 seems very short though. I assume, based on the readme, that the MIDI files were not actually composed by the wad's author; it's a shame he couldn't credit the originals.x
Actually, the text file says the MIDI files were from Ultima 8, which I obtained from laurasmidiheaven.com . Quite fitting if you ask me as I tried to make sure all songs weren't too short. -Mr. Chrisx
I always thought Ultima 8's music worked really well for Hell levels - turns out I'm not the only one! 4/5, because I miss Map28's music -wildweaselx
Hmm, the new tracks are all nice and moody, but for me they got boring quickly as they all have a very similar sound to them. I dunno, although Doom(2)'s music migh not be perfect, I think the more action-packed tunes suit the game much better than these tracks! Still 3/5x
One would argue that these songs fit Heretic more, because of the strings, but I like them more for Doom, because of the gothic atmosphere they can produce, impossible with Heretic. 4/5x

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