Title: Wuffy Skin
Filename: skins/rf_wuffy.zip
Size: 650 KB
Date: 09/15/06
Author: ravage
E-mail: dragon_69283@yahoo.com
Description: Werewolf skin
Credits: Id Software
Base: Doom's seargent sprites, some 3d models
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Psp7, nwtpro 1.14b, wintex 4.3
Bugs: For some reason, it doesnt show up in Zdoom.
Rating: (12 votes)
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nice, wish it worked for zdoom tho.. x
What a furfag for calling this "wuffy"... uugh.x
@"What a furfag for calling this "wuffy"... uugh." Why don't you just go to hell you flying fuck. Anyways nice skin.x
Furfags... furfags everywhere.x
Feet are kinda big, and perhaps the zombieman parts could use some tweaking to look less bulky and more original. Really good otherwise.x

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