Title: DOOM: From Our Mouth
Filename: sounds/doomfym.zip
Size: 1817 KB
Date: 10/01/02
Author: Zach + Corwin Brence (but I [Zach] did most of the work)
E-mail: wildweasel_lemon@hotmail.com
Description: Not much to describe really... we did an entire sound replace- ment made from almost entirely mouth noises. We did use a few mix/pastes with actual sounds in a couple places where I (the artiste) thought it necessary, and completely impossible to make those sounds with my mouth. And probably would've been obscene to try it with anything else. =P
Credits: Westwood, for a couple (or three) sounds mix/pasted from the Red Alert desktop theme pack.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Three days! Give us credit, you bastards!
Editor(s) used: CoolEdit2K, Wintex, and an SBLive card.
Bugs: May drive grandparents and adolescents insane.
Rating: (9 votes)
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WW, don't quit your dayt job. ~csonicgox
dude this level is awesome! x
This goes pretty well together with the hand mod!x
I like how it isn't ADD-induced rambling like a ten year old, but actual innovative human sound effects like that creepy old guy in "Between the Lions".x
Would I use it all the time? No. Is it funny as hell? Yes. 4/5x
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