Title: Wolfenstein Sprites
Filename: themes/wolf3d/wolfspt.zip
Size: 262 KB
Date: 02/11/96
Author: Robert J.Hutchison
E-mail: robert2548@aol.com
Description: Changes game characters to Wolfenstein characters ---------------------------------------------------------- Former Human(Trooper) = Soldier Cacodemon = Soldier (fast) Lost Soul = Soldier (semi-deaf) ---------------------------------------------------------- Imp = Officer (shoots rockets) Pain Elemental = Officer (fast -shoots rockets) ---------------------------------------------------------- Sergents = Zombie ---------------------------------------------------------- Demon = Dog Spectre = Dog (fast) ----------------------------------------------------------
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Rating: (11 votes)
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the description alone sucks so bad nobody understood what replaces what. Plus, it's a ripoff. 0/5x
This was actually pretty hand for me to get WolfenDoom working in ZDoom. It fixed the two files I needed, the sprites and the sound effects. I don't see it as a good mod, but could be used as a good tool for people who need the Wolfenstein 3-D content for something.x
good mod the only drawback is the officer doesn't drop a rocket launcher 4/5 starsx
This is actually pretty enjoyable. The deh file doesn't seem to work in Zandorum but I like it.x

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