Title: Industrial Techware Doom-Part I ver 2.0
Filename: themes/x-rated/i_am_old_enough_to_look_at_this/itd-r20u.zip
Size: 855 KB
Date: 12/02/98
Author: Micah Harwell aka The Doctor
E-mail: i387@geocities.com
Description: Theme changes dramaticly from level to level, ie. E1M4 is completely "clean". E1M6 used to be nice little nuclear town before hell broke lose...
Credits: My good friend Brett who saw that I was spending too much time making Wolfenstein-3D levels. Rob Crawford for some helpful and very insightful tips, suggestions, and also writing the ITD story. To Jeff Kieke (smegholio@geocities.com) for creating ITD2 for Doom2 1.9.
Base: All new, all good.
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: I'd love to say none, but there seems to be a problem when going from E1M4 to E1M5. Occasionally, some computers will freeze up and display some funky junk on the screen (actually this problem only exists on my machine that I know of, it doesn't happen on others I've played on). I'm not sure why this problem exists, and I'm trying very hard to correct it... Once this problem happens, you must reboot your machine to get it out. So before you exit E1M4, save the game, quit Doom, reload Doom, and then load your saved game.
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Really good episode - god only knows why they decided to put some crappy pr0n in one secret room in E1M7.x
Best to play during the summer. 3/5x
The date says 1998, but the level design says 1994. We have huge empty spaces, poor texture alignment, bizarrely shaped rooms, an almost complete lack of anything resembling detail, and levels that seem to have most of their playable area covered in nukage. Difficulty is trivial, of course. Not really worth your time. 2/5 --Wooliex
Features a fake picture of Tori Amos nude. Ewww.x
The first level did look like it came form '94, but fortunatly the other levels gets better both gameplay and desing wise as they progress. The new music and textures were also nice. Oh, and only one room has porn pictures (I really wonder why, it wasn't even on the secret level).x
Excellent episode.x

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