Title: Sirens
Filename: themes/x-rated/i_am_old_enough_to_look_at_this/sirens.zip
Size: 1658 KB
Date: 09/21/00
Author: Wraithchilde
E-mail: wchilde@bellsouth.net
Description: This is a sprite wad. It replaces several sprites in Doom2 with nude or semi-nude female monsters. The rating for this wad is "NC17". You should take precautions to keep it out of the hands of those who should not view such material (children, religious freaks). The mosnters are done so they can be used all the time, not just as a novelty. This is not a trashy naked-chicks-on-walls wad (sorry, but pornography on walls IS trashy). There are 400+ individual frames that I editted to make this wad. I added 6 new weapons. Except for the hyperblaster which is a blatant Quake II ripoff, they are original and the graphic work was done by me. Instructions on how to use the wad are given below.
Credits: Doom2, Heretic, Id Software, Diablo, Greg Lewis (Dehacked), Randy Heit (ZDoom), and anyone who has ever hacked Doom and inspired me.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Too long
Editor(s) used: WinTex, Photoshop, Photstyler
Bugs: If you use Doom2.exe, you'll have nothing but one big bug. Really the only bug is that the plasma gun has been replaced with the assault shotgun, which uses shells not cells. So when you run out of ammo, it automatically switches to the shotgun, which is, of course, also empty. To get around this just keep an eye on your ammo.
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This is not another textures and/or sprites replaced with crappy scanned and badly converted porno pics. This one is pretty well done. Also grab the level wad designed for this one!x
This is the best thing I've ever played.x
Sure, it's skilfully made and not quite your typical porn wad, but it's still demented.x
this wad is incredibly..... averagex
It's awful, really; a star for putting some effort into it, and the new chaingun is quite good, but it's still basically a chance for older boys to get a kick out of shooting naked women who moan as they die. Lots of sounds from Quake II. Naked impaled women a bit sick, really.x
Although perhaps not the greatest thing to ever exist, it's definitely amongst the best of the porn stuff. That should probably get some recognition, thus, five.x
Very well done. I'm not sure how the weapons tie in with the siren theme, but they're kinda neat anyway. x

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