Title: dlr30.zip
Filename: utils/frontends/dlr30.zip
Size: 23 KB
Date: 10/20/94
Description: . + Directory browsing - easy to use interface allows you to search all hard disks and directories for WAD files and then you may... = View all replaced levels if applicable = Add the WAD file to the current WAD list = Add the WAD file to the DataBase + Load up to 30 WADs simultanously; talk about multiple wads + Edit your tagged WAD list to delete individual entries

* LMP support + Maxdemo parameter for resetting maximum buffer size + Can record LMP files + Playback LMP files = Directory browsing allows you to search all drives and directories for LMP files to playback (shall I add support for internal files DEMOx ?)

* Dialing Directory + Up to 10 dialing directory entries with phone number and description to make calling regular opponents easily

* DLR saves ALL data in its configuration. Tagged WADs, Database, dialing directory, game type, level, episode, skill level... well you get the picture it saves everything (Except for lmp stuff I don't think you want it recording lmps w/o you knowing it).

* DLR IS NOT BLOATED. Its not another 200k .exe to load DOOM... DLR's size *including a large internal cfg file (15k+)* is below 46k in uncompressed format (well sort of).
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This is extremely good though it has some flaws. When you use a .LMP demo file, it will tell you that the version of DOOM you are using is modified and you must press enter to confirm. There's other flaws too but I recommend you use this for yourself.x
"Not another 200k exe" Ahh... 200k used to be a download issue at one point in Doom history.. God we're spoiled.x

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